The 6 Pillars to Business Success— Summarized & Simplified

Scott Oldford [10/25/2017]

Anyone can do what I did. I didn’t do anything special.

Embrace the fact that what got you to where you are today won’t get you where you want to be.

We always change and evolve.

Take time away from your work and open up to criticism.

The 6 Pillars to Business Success

  1. Mindset — Understand, value, and protect your money, time, and energy.
  2. Delivery and Customers — You want to create painkillers, not vitamins. If you had to elevator pitch to your ideal customer, would they honestly be excited?
  3. Marketing — New leads is crucial to success and a business growth model should be built around it. Don’t have your future success relate linearly to your hustle. Could you leave your business and cover your expenses?
  4. Sales — Charge your true worth. Don’t be afraid to quote your full price. If you don’t make a sale will others still come?
  5. Operations and Team — Process builds a successful team. Based on your current goals, will you achieve them without a team?
  6. Finance — You cannot emotionally spend. It must be based on data. Every decision should allow your business to grow. Do you know how much you will make in the next 90 days? Do you know how much you made last month?

Be honest with yourself and take notes.

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