The Importance of Personal Branding— Summarized & Simplified

Brian Tracy [08/17/2017]

Do your job well and always think of how you can be better each day.

Your personal brand is connected to your success.

You can have all the potential in the world, but others’ perception of you still matters.

A brand is a promise to those you’re asking and/or trying to influence.

Brands begin with values.

Start with integrity. You want people to acknowledge that you always fulfill your promises.

Do what you’ve been hired to do and do it now.

Everything counts towards strengthening and/or weakening your brand.

The 8 Laws of Branding

  1. Specialization — Focus your brand. People have to be able to describe you simply and clearly to others.
  2. Leadership — Your brand must be knowledgeable, respected, and/or skilled.
  3. Personality — Your brand must be built around your personality, including its flaws.
  4. Distinctiveness — You must express your brand in a unique way. How will people remember you?
  5. Visibility — Your brand must be seen consistently and repeatedly. Brands are in the show business.
  6. Utility — Your brand must be the same in public and in private.
  7. Persistence — Give your brand time to grow.
  8. Good Will — Your brand should be and appear well intentioned and embodying of valued ideals.

Be positive and admirable with your brand.

Back to the future thinking — Three years from now what words would you want people to describe your brand with? What’s the one word that would be best for you, your brand, and your field? What can you do differently from now on so that people think of you like this all the time?

Personal brands give you an advantage because often the first thing people new to you do is check your reputation.

If you want to change your future, take action and take action now.

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