Asia’s Largest Global DAO Event DAO TOKYO 2024: Ticket Sales Start, First Round of Sponsor Partners Announced, and Speaker Recruitment Begins

Fracton Ventures
4 min readMay 28, 2024

Fracton Ventures is pleased to announce that ticket sales for Asia’s most prominent global DAO event, “DAO TOKYO 2024,” which our company is involved in planning and operating, have started. Along with the ticket sales, the official website for DAO TOKYO 2024 has been launched, and the first round of sponsors has been announced. Additionally, we have started recruiting speakers.

About DAO TOKYO 2024

DAO TOKYO 2024 is an international event focused on DAOs, the largest of its kind in Asia, bringing together top DAO experts and contributors from worldwide on the success of last year’s DAO TOKYO 2023, this year’s event will be even more powerful and will be held over two days. The venue will be Kanda Myojin, the same as last year, and we expect up to 1,000 participants. This representative DAO event in Asia provides an excellent opportunity for everyone involved in DAOs to share knowledge and deepen their networks.

Features of DAO TOKYO

1. A Gathering Event Created by All Participants
DAO TOKYO is not jua conference andmunity event created by all participants. It values two-way communication rather than one-way interactions.

2. High-Quality Content Available in Japan
Among the crypto events held worldwide, those focused on DAOs are rare. DAO TOKYO brings together top contributors from arworldworldwideipants to experience cutting-edge insights and knowledge while in Japan.

3. DAO East Meets DAO West
By increasing the number of Asian DAO contributors in a world where Western contributors are predominant, we promote the diversity of the ecosystem.

4. Importance of DAOs
Many Web3 users may still be unfamiliar with DAOs, but most token issuance projects require DAO knowledge. At DAO TOKYO, participants can experience meaningful content, including token issuance and treasury management.

5. Fusion with Art and Culture
The new possibilities brought by DAOs, crypto, and Web3 intersect with the creativity of art and culture, creating entirely new experiences and values. We invite you to step into this place where you can feel the creative energy.

Last Year’s Highlights:

Overview of DAO TOKYO 2024

Target Audience:

- Domestic and international DAO contributors

- Those involved in the DAO field

- Individuals interested in contributing to DAO and Web3 projects

- Those who want to learn about DAOs

- Those who want to build networks with Web3/Crypto projects

Tentative Themes

  • Latest trends in Web3/Crypto
    DAO regulations, ReFi, DePIN, RWA
  • Use cases of DAOs in various ecosystems
  • DAO governance
  • DAO treasury management
  • Contribution to public goods through DAOs

DAO TOKYO 2024 is an excellent opportunity to build the future of Web3/Crypto and DAOs together. We look forward to seeing you at Kanda Myojin this summer.

About Tickets

Tickets can be purchased from the official DAO TOKYO 2024 website. Currently, discounted sales are available, so pleaDiscounted sales are currentlyne 30, 2024).

  • General Admission Wave1: General tickets
  • Student Admission Wave1: Student-only tickets
  • General Admission Whitelist (NFT holder): Discounted tickets for DAO TOKYO 2023 commemorative NFT holders

The First lineup of Sponsors/Partners

The following DAOs, founThe fations, companies, and projects have been confirmed as sponsors/partners for this event.

(Alphabetical order)

DAO TOKYO 2024 will develop partnerships with various companies/projects, attracting Web3/Crypto projects representing the DAO field in Asia, and promoting the DAO movement from Japan. Companies and projects that resonate with this event are encouraged to contact us through the official website.


Speaker Recruitment

Those who wish to participate as speakers at this event, where leaders from the DAO and Web3/Crypto industries gather, can apply through the official website. We envision panel discussions and keynotes where you can share insights and experiences gained through DAO and Web3/Crypto projects. The deadline for speaker applications is Monday, June 17, so please apply early.

Application Form:

Last Year’s Sessions:



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