Fracton Ventures is holding DAO TOKYO on March 28th, 2023 at Kanda Myojin Hall, Tokyo

Fracton Ventures
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Fracton Ventures announces “DAO TOKYO”, a conference focused on gathering experts from around the world to share the growing knowledge surrounding DAOs in Asia.This aims to be the beginning of a DAO based community strengthening within the Asia region. To host its first ever international event in the Asia region, Fracton Ventures partnered with DAO NYC, the world’s leading DAO event, and would gain support to bring advanced knowledge and resources from DAO NYC.

Date : March 28th 2023

Venue : Kanda Myojin Hall, Tokyo.

Message from the Founder Toshi Kamei :
What we want to achieve by the event DAO TOKYO

We do consider the importance for the ecosystem to attempt to increase the number of people being involved in DAOs, rather than aiming to create DAOs; with this in mind and following productive discussions with the Tally team, we decided to hold DAO TOKYO. DAO TOKYO will be held and organized in coordination and consultation with the Tally team.

We hope that DAO TOKYO will provide an excellent opportunity for Asian DAO enthusiasts to learn about what contributors at the forefront of the DAO field are thinking, what kind of governance they are participating in, and what they are trying to achieve & create through utilizing DAOs.


DAO NYC, co-hosted by Tally (a developer of governance dashboard for DAOs) and ConsenSys (a developer of Metamask), was the first global Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) event held in New York City in March 2022, attracting a large crowd of DAO experts & innovators — it was the largest conference held within the DAO ecosystem.

Following DAO NYC, negotiations began with Tally to hold a new DAO event within Asia. After six months of going back and forth, Fracton Ventures decided to host DAO TOKYO with the full support from Tally and ConsenSys, with the aim to be the leader of Asia in the DAO field.

DAO NYC Speakers:
・Matt Wright (ConsenSys)
・Alisha.eth (Ethereum Name Service)
・Bill of SpokeDAO (behind of ETHDenver)
・James of 🔥_🔥(FIre Eyes)
・Shreyas (Llama)
・Pe3erpan (1kx / Metacartel Ventures)
・Vishal (Multicoin Capital)
・Scott Moore(Gitcoin)

Conference Name : DAO TOKYO
Commencing Date : 28th March, 2023
Event Venue : Kanda Myojin Hall (神田明神ホール)
Event Capacity
: 300 people Maximum
Target Persons : Overseas DAO Contributors, Experts in the field of DAO both domestically and overseas, Domestic DAO Contributors, Individuals looking to contribute to DAOs
Language : English as a general rule
Tickets : Apply at a later date via the official website (fee required)

DAO TOKYO Website :
DAO TOKYO Telegram:

■Fracton Ventures

Fracton Ventures is Japan’s first incubator specializing in the Web3 field. In 2021 when Fracton Ventures was first founded, we held the first incubation event, Fracton Incubation 2021, powered by bitbank. The aim of this incubation program was to help nurture 18 Web3 protocols/projects and send them out into the world to create a positive impact. Following the successes of 2021, Fracton Incubation 2022 was also held this year, with the similar aim to help provide expertise to growing projects within Japan. In the following years, we would like to expand our incubation program globally, helping to incubate projects and teams from across the globe. In addition, we will hold the DAO TOKYO conference in 2023 with the release of our book called “Web3 and DAO: A New Economy in which Everyone Can Take the Lead,” publishing by Kanki publishing (かんき出版) and written by the three co-founders. Furthermore, we will seek to actively form partnerships with DAOs in Asia such as with DAOSquare. As a bridge between the Asian DAO/Web3 ecosystem and the rest of the world, Fracton Ventures is leading the Web3 ecosystem with its global network and expertise.

Fracton Ventures Website :
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Fracton Ventures

Fracton Ventures is one of the most active Web3 / DAO committed teams in Japan.