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Are you a gamer? A crypto enthusiast? Both? Become part of Fragmented Soul, the first ever MMORPG using Lamden’s blockchain technology.

Support the development of the game and receive special access to game features by purchasing Fragmented Soul Founders Tokens (FSF)! All FSF sale funds will go towards game development. By purchasing FSF you will gain access to things such as:

- Fragmented Soul Beta game play

- Founder only items (cannot be found otherwise in-game)

- Founder only skins (cannot be found otherwise in-game)

- Founder game pass (in-game bonuses: level up faster with bonus xp, bonus gold, bonus…

Warrior posed in front of a slain forest giant.

Welcome to Fragmented Soul’s first gameplay demo! FS is the first MMORPG integrated with the Lamden blockchain. With Lamden’s blockchain integration, Fragmented Soul will have features found in no other game including: real time wagering (with assets of real-world value), on-chain assets, in-game governance, community voting (deciding the future development of the game), and more! This gameplay demo showcases the base, pre-alpha, version of FS. Using this as the base, we will expand and grow to create the fully functioning world that is Fragmented Soul.

Take a peak:

Fragmented Soul first look of game play.

You just saw: enemies, attacking…

“Long ago, in a world before this one, in a shadow of today — A great battle took place. In this world, there were seven factions each with different communities and cultures, each with a past scarred by grief, bloodshed, and war — some with more than others. Within each of these factions, there lay certain individuals who could feel that there was an ancient power resting inside of them. Curious of the power they held, they joined their faction’s guild, a collection of the greatest warriors of the age. Noticing the fire deep inside them, the drive to bend…

“Long ago, in a world before this one, in a shadow of today — a great battle took place.

An ancient evil beast arose, shaking the very planet to it’s core. The beast was so fierce and so dark that it threatened to first wipe out all light, then destroy everything. Eight people, now legends, came together in order to do what was necessary to maintain balance and keep the world in one piece.

Willing to sacrifice life and love for the sake of keeping the world whole, these legends fought tirelessly, never faltering, always persevering. …

Fragmented Soul Official

Official Medium for the 2D MMORPG built on lamden blockchain.

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