[FRAMED]: Philippe David, Lead Lighting TD, MTL

Sep 11 · 3 min read

[FRAMED] exists to shine light on Framestore’s most fascinating cast of characters: its people. Presented with a probing list of questions and a demandingly short deadline, this feature puts the hopes, dreams, and desktops of our MVPs on the digital wall, for all to see. Welcome to [FRAMED].

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What are you guilty of?

Asking colleagues : hey, wanna go for one (or three) drinks?

What was your last brush with danger?

Hopping on the metro. 😷

Your last brush with greatness?

I saw Barack Obama stepping out of a restaurant near my house a few years ago!

Don’t believe me? PROOF :

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Your worst character fault?

Always second guessing myself.

Your most shining quality?


You’re on the run from the law, where are you headed?

New York or Vegas, hoping they haven’t blocked my credit card so I can hit the shops and casinos. 😎

Who’s your partner-in-crime?


Fantasy cellmate?

Elon Musk — I always try to surround myself with people smarter than me, and this man is a living legend.

Your greatest achievement?

I helped arrest a drunk driver a couple of years ago, on the phone with the police whilst other good Samaritans forced the driver to stop on the side of the highway. It was fun, and it felt good to know Quebec’s roads were just a little bit safer that night.

Most valuable skill?

I listen. I think. And then I find a way to get it done.

Go on, say something bragging :

A few months ago, I was swimming in a natural pool in the Caribbean sea, looking for starfishes.

Name your #1 pet peeve?


Note taken. Your dream job is:

Perfectly shot Macbeth charts and reference balls, for each and every shot.

Your career highlight to date :

I tend to focus on the future but, as a whole, I’m lucky to have been able to work on so many great projects over the past several years. Seeing a group of dedicated people willing to push through together is certainly a highlight for me.

This week I learnt that:

They sell chicken in a can. 🤢

Give us a desk tour :

My *true* essentials : sunglasses, hand sanitizer, a wireless charger, personal desk heater, Tylenol and a bottle of Scotch to celebrate delivery season.

What do you need to work, on the daily?

Lots of coffee, Red Bull, G FUEL…anything I can find, really.

Framestore is, to you, in three words:

Humbling. Eclectic. Evolving.

Best thing about your work environment?

The coffee shops!

Framestore is great at:

Thinking long term.

Favorite art form?

I love all art forms, but music certainly has the biggest impact on my everyday life. I’m a certified Spotify playlist hoarder.

Favorite image?

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Fictional character you’d like to hang with?

Tony Stark — gadgets, cars, party!

Happiness looks like:

Laying on the beach, with a cocktail under the blazing sun.🌞

If not here, then where?

Punta Cana.

And not enough?

Visiting my grandma.

Couldn’t live without:

My chiropractor. I think I’m getting old.

Last one: if you ruled the world:

Nobody could wear the same sweater every single day. There would be a law against that.

Philippe David, you’ve been [FRAMED].

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