FranConnection’16: Engage, Innovate, And Grow

Written by Keith Gerson, President and Chief Client Advocate 
& Tracey Moon, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Success

Join Leading Industry Experts at FranConnect’s Customer Conference to Gain Practical Advice and Transform Your Franchise

The 2016 FranConnect Customer Conference is quickly approaching. Mark your calendars. May 18–20 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor in Washington, D.C. FranConnection is held every two years, bringing together our franchisors to network, exchange best practices, and learn about new opportunities for growth.

When we began planning the agenda for FranConnection’16, we thought about our customers who go to numerous conferences throughout the year. We took into consideration the overarching feedback from the franchise community, ‘we’re collaborating and having meaningful discussions, but at the end of the day, where is the practical and actionable advice that we can bring immediately back to our own organizations?’

With this in mind, we’ve designed a two-day customer conference where we will share new ideas and practical advice so that you can start taking action within your own companies. Our goal is to make this your event, and this is why we have created a forum that strikes the right balance between thought leadership and inspirational content, with hands-on, interactive learning that you can take with you to apply in your organization. You will engage with people who are experts in their field and want to share with you their successes and how they arrived there. They will not be sitting on a stage, far away — they will be engaging in sessions, sharing ideas, and facilitating the capture of information that you can GO apply when you return.

Together we will engage, innovate, and grow.

FranConnection’16 Highlights

  • Robert Wolcott, Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network, and Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management
    Rob will share insights on how to engage a franchise community of businesses through a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and what drives success.
  • Bryon Stephens, COO, Marco’s Pizza and recent Undercover Boss
    Bryon will share how Marco’s Pizza has adopted and executed a thorough and rigorous approach to culture and accountability.
  • Robert Cresanti, President and CEO, IFA
    Robert will provide an update on the strategic objectives of the association and be available to network and answer questions.

A Sneak-Peek at Hot Topics in FranConnection’16 Sessions

Undercover Boss Panel of the Pros: Lessons Learned After the Cameras Stop Rolling
The wildly popular show “Undercover Boss” has become a cultural phenomenon. While only a few of us will have the opportunity to appear on Undercover Boss, many of us can learn from their experiences. Our expert panelists will share their insights on how to create an Undercover Boss transformation without being under the spotlight and control of the producers and editors.

Private Equity Panel of the Pros
Navigating the world of private equity can be a daunting task for most franchisors. In this session, we have assembled people from industry that live in the world day in, day out. Hear from industry leaders on trends for 2016 on such topics as:

  • Which industry sectors will enjoy the most M&A and investment activity in 2016
  • How does the private equity sponsor typically interact with the business?
  • What are 3–6 things that PE investors look for in CEO’s?

FranConnection’16 — Partnership and Industry Alignment that Works

FranConnect highly values your willingness and dedication to participating in FranConnection’16 and the success of our conference is because of you — the individuals who are shaping the future of the franchise industry.

Your voice is heard. Listening to your ideas and better understanding your challenges and successes significantly and favorably impacts our strategic planning and product roadmap. Our ability to evolve and continually align with your business needs sets the pace at FranConnect and enables you to better leverage your investments to achieve a competitive edge in today’s demanding economy.

Register for FranConnection’16 and join us for two full days of interaction and idea generation as we engage with experts and capture practicable, actionable information that can then be applied to your organization.

I look forward to renewing great acquaintances and making new friends at FranConnection’16.