Written by Keith Gerson, President & Chief Client Advocate on April 17, 2016

FranConnection’16: The Undercover Boss Panel of the Pros

Leadership & Management Lessons Learned After the Cameras Stop Rolling

The wildly popular show “Undercover Boss” has become a cultural phenomenon. The show features CEOs who go undercover and take entry-level jobs at their companies to discover first-hand how the day-to-day operations are really working. And in the process, these leading executives from some of North America’s most recognized brands undergo a “transformation” — changing their looks and personas to find the truth about what is going on within their organizations. What do employees deal with while on the job? What do employees really think of management? How can bosses start nurturing their employees and their talents?

At FranConnection’16, our customer conference being held at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor in Washington, DC., we are thrilled to present Undercover Boss Panel of the Pros, featuring an esteemed panel of leading experts who will share leadership and management lessons learned after the cameras stopped rolling.

While only a few of us will have the opportunity to appear on Undercover Boss, many of us can learn from their experiences. At FranConnection’16, learn from our expert panelists who will share their insights on how to create an Undercover Boss transformation without being under the spotlight.

The key takeaways will include:

  • What are the original objectives for agreeing to go on the show and success metrics achieved
  • Lessons learned and how the Undercover Boss experience changed the panelists — personally and professionally
  • How to create a “listening post” for tapping into the insights and recommendations of employees
  • How to build and nurture a highly differentiated service culture that transforms the very definition of what a brand is

Register for FranConnection’16 and gain actionable insights on management and leadership’s best practices.

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