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Media Missing the Fucking Point…Again!

I feel so cross with how female politicians are represented in media vs. male politicians (or any women leader in a given sphere for that matter.) How is it okay to comment on the appearance, dress, voice , age and how tired a woman looks?Theresa May is being referred to as a ‘knackered old goat’ but where the fuck is the real debate about policy and outcomes? It has no bearing on her capacity to do the job, anymore than Corbyn’s appearance does on his. So what is the newsworthy relevance of it other than to distract from what is actually important?

It’s 2017 and we’re still discrediting women leaders, completely disregarding their competence , skill and intellect by demeaning their appearance. And while many are moaning about a ‘shoddy government’, a strategy older than politics itself is being employed to peddle a narrative that we are (seemingly?) comfortable with. Perhaps because we’re (women) and all too familiar with being a part of society in which we’re constantly passed the message – we’re not quite enough. Not enough for certain jobs, or enough for equal pay, not enough …and maybe it’s easier to disengage from the issue but I think it’s time women, men, and children started to challenge the established thinking and demand better, for future generations of women. Demand better for your daughters, your mothers, your wives and girlfriends your colleagues and friends. Demand it for yourself.

So discuss politics , not fucking appearance. Let’s stick to facts and not sentiment and not be beguiled by media and its patriarchal narratives – the weary story that has repressed and disempowered women for generations.

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