Image Credit: Francesca Em Instagram: @francesca.em99

The Water Moves like Mercury

The water moves like mercury

mercury in your sky.

A gathering of tears

light on the surface

fragile circles that form

like the dimples on your skin

a swelling life-pulse

rising as a sigh

collapsing with your courage

disappearing with the rest.

Light retreats and casts a worried

grey upon your face

a mosaic of words, silent and laid bare

among the colours of your sky.

Punctuated design regards

impressions reproduced in

kind, a narrative of things

throwaway words

wreckless like time

that passes you by

with the debris that collects

on the shores of your sky.

Fear welcomes home

the conflict that you find

in the rhythm of your lies


Their naked intent, more daring

than your love and coarse, tight, grip.

The water moves moves like mercury

your purpose and your pain

an honourable disguise

like mercury in your sky.

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