My open source Instagram bot got me 2,500 real followers for $5 in server costs

First of all, great project! I’m an informatic student, so I can understand all the effort and time you put in this bot.

At the moment I am testing and it works without any problem. I’ve also look at the source code and it is very well written.

I am only wondering how you select an image to like, it seems to me that only the first one is always getted. You could use a random number in order to provide different results for each bot, and also avoid been banned. The line I’m pointing our is

browser.execute_script("document.getElementsByClassName('" + like_elem[0].get_attribute("class") + "')[0].click()")

inside like_util`

I think you can fix it, if you want, by just dropping a randint inside that array selector.

It would be also nice to add a parameter like inside `clarifai_check_img_for` in order to be sure that an image matches a tag

I’m looking forward to contributing. Thank you for your work and the tutorial. Have an amazing day.