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Early last year, TheFutur launched a kickstarter for a book — Pocket Full Of Do. And when I saw it happen, pledging to the campaign was a no-brainer.

The original kickstarter project before it appeared in Blind’s store

Chris Do is the business coach of design that I never had. I’ve always dreamed of setting up a design studio since I was a student. And it was through his workshops & empowerment that really pushed me to take the leap.

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2018 — Chris visits Cebu City for a workshop.

The book contains a collection of excerpts — bits and pieces of life-long learnings and advices that I wished someone told me when I was starting out. …


Francis Alturas

🦄 Product Designer & 🏴 Team Captain at @MadeByAbstract. ✨ I love startups, design sprints and CSS

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