Bite-sized lessons on creativity, mindset and entrepreneurship

The original kickstarter project before it appeared in Blind’s store

A personal note of thoughts and key takeaways

It’s time to ask, does this app spark joy?

Inbox Zero

Unleashing the creative potential within us all

Shout out to Jonathan Courtney from AJ&Smart for the book recommendation!

Creativity — The Heart of Innovation

A year full of team growth and community engagement

10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

Yep. Even Darth Vader approves.

1. Steal like an artist


A creative comeback for Cebu’s design community

A Brief Background

  1. Nike SB Zoom Stephan Janoski
    So I actually used to have a pair of the Portmore Canvas, till I had to sold them because they weren’t just my size. I’m actually cool with getting another pair of the…

Francis Alturas

🦄 Product Designer & 🏴 Team Captain at @MadeByAbstract. ✨ I love startups, design sprints and CSS

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