My next Conferences in 2019

Franck Pachot
Mar 5 · 2 min read

In my 2019 talks, a lot of performance stuff for DBA and Developers:

This year started with the amazing OBUG Belgium Tech Days 2019

The co-location of data and code, in present and future (like the MLE engine running JavaScript or Python in the database)

The most relevant statistics gathering in the 12.2 database (from 12cR2, 18c, 19c)

A different view on Join Methods by tracing the internal functions.

The Riga Dev Days in Latvia:

Where I talk about microservices, and data/code co-location

Riga, 31.05.2019, 11:00–12:00
(Microservices: Get Rid of Your DBA and Send the DB into Burnout)

And the major conference about Oracle Performance:

Where I talk on statistic gathering best practices and new features (19c) and I explain join methods and optimization with a full demo session

Zurich, 27.09. 2019, 15:20–16:40
Join: Methods and Optimization
Zurich, 27.09. 2019, 11:00–12:20
Do You Gather the Statistics in the Way the Optimizer Expects Them?

I will add more of course and do not hesitate to follow me on Twitter () for news, comments, and questions

Franck Pachot

Written by DBA at CERN, Oracle OCM 12c, Oracle ACE Director, Oak Table member. My 499 posts at dbi-services:

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