Oracle Materialized View Refresh Group atomicity— How to prove transactional consistency with LogMiner

Franck Pachot
Jun 26 · 3 min read




set numwidth 16 linesize 200 pagesize 1000
column scn1 new_value scn1
column scn2 new_value scn2
column sid format 999999 new_value sid
column seg_type format 99
column seg_name format a30
column seg_owner format a12
column operation format a12
set linesize 1000
alter database add supplemental log data;
select current_timestamp,current_scn scn1,sys_context('userenv','sid') sid from v$database;
exec dbms_refresh.refresh('LSA.CCDB_VIEWS');
select current_timestamp,current_scn scn2,sys_context('userenv','sid') sid from v$database;alter database drop supplemental log data;
exec dbms_logmnr.start_logmnr(startscn=>&scn1,endscn=>&scn2
from v$logmnr_contents
where session#=sys_context('userenv','sid') -- my session
and (seg_owner,seg_name) in ( -- my refresh group mviews
select owner,name
from dba_rchild
where refgroup in (
select refgroup
from dba_rgroup
where owner='LSA' and name='CCDB_VIEWS'
group by operation,seg_name,commit_scn,xid,pxid
order by commit_scn,max(scn)

Franck Pachot

Written by DBA at CERN, Oracle OCM 12c, Oracle ACE Director, Oak Table member. My 499 posts at dbi-services:

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