Start/Stop your Autonomous Databases

Franck Pachot
Sep 18, 2018 · 2 min read
The ATLAS experiment in LEGO®

Here are two blog posts on the Databases at CERN blog:

  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Keys and OCID
  2. Oracle Cloud: start/stop automatically the Autonomous Databases

The idea is to control the Autonomous Databases from the command line, with no installation, just an easy function downloaded from the documentation and customized with environment variables, in order to automate the start and stop of the services. The first post shows how to get all those OCIDs and the second one how to use this oci-curl() function to stop all started ADW or ATP services.

In summary, define the following variables with your values:

Load the oci-curl() function:

List your autonomous services to check that all is correctly set:

And the result is:

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