Rant by a concerned citizen: Part II

We are all hypocrites.

It may sound cynical, but it’s true. Even if you’re fighting the good cause and even if you have good morals and you think you’re standing on the good side, you’re still a hypocrite. When you get angry that people have different opinions from yours and you wish they would shut up, you are being a hypocrite. That may sound very vague and unrelated and generalized. But yea, we’re all hypocrites. And everything I just said, I am guilty of it. As are the people around me who have differing political opinions as me – they’re hypocrites.

We’re all hypocrites and we should all just shut up, stop acting like whiny children, and work together toward the common goal.

If someone is separating themselves from the group, you don’t just say “Okay, fuck you. Stay out of the group then.” If you truly want unity and peace, you will say “Hey man, I understand your concern. I may not agree with you. But let’s compromise. I hear you out, you hear me out. Let’s work this out.” If you truly want unity and peace, you will not further antagonize, demonize, oppress, and degrade the people who disagree with you and what you do.

They might be antagonizing, demonizing, oppressing, and degrading you as well. But then that should be your cue to be the bigger man. Be the better guy. Initiate reaching out and trying to fix the problems they have with you. If you can’t initiate that, then you don’t really want unity nor peace. What you want is to further polarize the differing opinions. You want to create division and make people hate each other. And if you really think trying to stick to your side is ever going to lead to a better nation, then you are dead fucking wrong.

We’re all in the wrong here. Because no one wants to work together. And until someone reaches out, we will only regress further into ignorance and neanderthalism. Stop being so fucking self-righteous. You might think you’re not in the wrong, but if all you do is talk about how other people are wrong, then that makes you part of the problem not the solution.

Note: I lean more towards liberal ideas, but my parents are very conservative and they watch Fox News all day. Sometimes, I agree with what they say, honestly. Most of the time I find myself very annoyed, rolling my eyes, when my parents actually believe that the intentions of Fox News is only neutral.

Today, like always, I just tried to find an outlet so that I won’t lash out and further ruin my relationship with my parents. Writing out my unfiltered thoughts is very therapeutic.

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