A Purposeful Meeting

This weekend, I meet up with director Hector Mata to talk about my the film part of my independent project and to see how he can help me in any way to come up with an idea. As I arrived to his studio I was really excited to be able to talk about my project with a professional in this art and I wanted to hear what he had to say; but most importantly, I wanted to learn. I rung the doorbell and waited in front of his purple building, but soon enough he opened the door and very politely welcomed me in. Walking toward his work space, I was surrounded by camera equipment, white boards scribbled with film ideas and computers, it made me feel even more welcomed.

We sat down and I described to him what my project consisted of and gave him a brief description of a film idea that I had in mind. Before I could say anymore, we where off working together coming up with a bunch of ideas and we were writing all over the white boards. The ideas that we came up with were very abstract…I was surprised with the level quickness of creativity that Hector came up with ideas, but there was something more that got my attention. Every idea that he came up with had purpose. Before, I used to look at film and art with not so much purpose, but rather a way to make things look “artistic” ( in other words, plain old cool), but Hector changed my perspective in an instant. For example, without spoiling my project, my main character has to use a mask and I wanted a mask that just looked “cool”… but hector asked me why? I described what facial expression I wanted on the mask, but it didn’t mean anything. Hector then proposed a mask idea that had a lot more depth, purpose and was a lot more “artistic” than what I had proposed before. He mentioned to use a mask from the “paucartambo” festival because it was Peruvian but at the same time it wasn’t strictly only Peruvian. The history and meaning of the mask matched perfectly with my main character and it gave it much so more personality: which I loved. At that very moment is when I profoundly understood what artistic truly meant. Being artistic in my definition still has various meanings and formats, it is much more than making something look or sound a certain way.

Apart from being amazed by Hectors way of thinking, I had a small moment of reflection. I have always hated when my mom (who studied art and loves history) takes us to go see multiple ruins, museums and art galleries mainly because I think it’s boring and useless. I have always refused to incorporate anything that she tries to teach me by going to visit these places because I feel that I will never use any of this is my art work. After hearing that small description that Hector used for the mask, I now truly see the value that these places can have. There are so many ways that I can use these experiences to make my film music or anything related that I want to do, to have a deeper purpose. I am glad that I got to talk and work with a director like Hector, not only has he helped me a lot with coming up with an idea, but he has taught me a valuable lesson and has influenced the way that I approach and come up with something artistic.

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