Black Sheep Always Win

After reading “Excellent Sheep”, the only thing that comes to my mind is how much I can connect with the book and some of the things it talks about. I have never been focused on academics and let school shape the way that I am, but I have had struggles trying not to get pulled in by society. I have been a black sheep my whole life. Till today I can’t believe that I still remain the same colored sheep as I have always been, and the only person that I can say thanks to is myself. Being transported around the world and bordered by white sheep is not an easy thing to deal with. Every part of the world that I have been to, I have encountered various types of sheep… sheep that have failed to paint me the same color as them.

I found the USA (Old Greenwich, Connecticut, to be more specific) the hardest place for me to adapt to. The sheeps loved American Football, Lacrosse and Hockey. They were dressed with sport shorts, long socks, a high school football t-shirt and a vineyard vines hat. They all looked and shared the same characteristics as one another expect one sheep, which was me. I was dressed differently compared to them, I wore Vans shoes, dark purple skinny jeans, a simple skater t-shirt, had very long flowy hair and was as tall as a midget . As you can imagine, I did not play as much American football or Lacrosse, but I did however skateboard for hours, play soccer, take Tae kwon do classes and listened to electronic music. In a small suburban town like Old Greenwich, everyone knew me as the black sheep, and gave me a hard time for being one too. “Hey, why are you wearing purple skinny jeans?” “Oh my god, I can rest my elbow on you!” “You’re not athletic… you don’t even play Football!” or comments “so meaningful” such as,“Faggot!” At first, some of the things that they said did affect me in some ways, but I never felt that their comments had any importance whatsoever. Time kept flying by, and as all the white sheep would feed from the same grassland, I would drift away with my very small black sheep herd and we would all start feeding off of our own grass patch. At first I was worried, mainly because I had very few friends and because I didn’t know what other people were going to think about me, but I knew that this was the right choice.Being isolated and next to the same sheep as me for so long, we ended growing up with the same characteristics and healthy nutrients, such as music, film, skateboarding, snowboarding parkour, in general things that gave us our own unique characteristic. Of course, by eating a completely different meal everyday, the white sheep were confused and didn’t understand our own appetite.

But by eating healthy and being surrounded by sheep just like me, the black color of my fur got darker, more confident and I never knew that eating the right nutrients for me would last until this day. When I look back and think about who I am and why I am this person, I don’t regret a single thing about myself. Being yourself and having to fight cliché people is hard, but the outcome of being yourself is worth the hit. Even till today, I still listen to electronic music, wear vans, skateboard clothes and continue doing the sports that have grown up with me these past 17 years, but of course there have been some changes (I have moved on to other passions). It takes nothing to join the crowd, it takes everything to stand alone.

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