You’re Not Meant to Do What You Love
Brianna Wiest


“you are not meant to do what you love” - says who ? No, seriously, who is in charge to decide what’s good for people ? You ? Scientists ? God ? Some secret book of world rules that only the chosen ones have access to ?

The idea of doing “what you love” is the assumption that when you do smth that you love you will become *good at it* after a while because you were putting time/energy/dedication/education in it.

My whole life the SOLE ground for deciding what to approach next has ALWAYS been what i was interested in doing or loved to do - and NEVER if i was just happen to be good at something.Because after a while, i would become good at doing something anyway, because i LOVED doing it.

Contrary to the OP’s theory i am of the opinion there is no better reason to start something (and be good at it) than because you LOVE doing something.