No More Stingy Odor In this Kind of Flooring

When choosing your flooring installation, are you only considering aesthetic value? Are you considering durability? How about convenient installation? Low odor coating?

Epoxy flooring is one great flooring system. It is seamless, durable, and easy to install. Another factor is it does not emit a strong odor that can be intrusive in interior spaces.

Here are the effects of a low odor epoxy flooring:

1. Enjoyable environment — No one would want to stay in a place smelling like a newly painted construction site. This smell is very prevalent in interior concrete coatings. The epoxy coating provides excellent ventilation and lets the underneath floor to breathe. This is good for places with high traffic areas on which air are most likely to be damp. With right floor coating, you can make your staff move comfortable and freely, making them more productive. You would also attract customers, as the air is fresh and pleasant.

2. Healthy environment — During application, most floor systems emit harmful fumes that are bad for the respiratory system. These fumes tend to stay for a long time harming the habitants of the place. Low odor epoxy flooring and coating use odorless epoxy mastics and primer sealers removing the harmful effects of fumes. Moreover, a foul odor may be a sign of microbial growth underneath the seams of your floor. As epoxy flooring is seamless, there would be no entry point for liquids and chemicals that can be a nest for bacteria and viruses.

A baby is playing on a low VOC epoxy floor.

3. Expedited installation process — A high-quality epoxy produces low to zero VOC, making particular formulation have fast turnaround time. Some may even cure at below freezing point temperature.

4. Minimize downtime — As epoxy coating can cure fast, you can resume work on your facility at the soonest possible time. Also, as it is a low odor coating, you can still utilize some parts of the production. This way, you will not lose a lot of money for renovation, unlike other coatings that may need full closure of the facility to due to the strong odor.

A person wearing a spiked shoes is applying an epoxy coating on the floor effortlessly.

5. Reputation — Regulators also note poor indoor quality as it may risk the health of the occupants and those near it. It can put your business in the bad light. Low odor epoxy is USDA compliant making them ideal even for food handling facilities. With low odor flooring, you will not just please the regulators but also attract future investors.

An epoxy coating and marble coating mixed together and applied on the floor resulting a stunning look.

6. Aesthetic — You can mix low-odor epoxy with aggregates such as marble or quartz. These additives came in different colors and distributed to the floor coating to achieve a clean and well-maintained look. This texture can also add up to a non-slippery floor that high traffic areas commonly need.

For industrial, commercial, or manufacturing facilities, floors are the groundwork for success. A maintained airflow plus an odorless floor could even lead your business to achieve its goals. Contact a professional to innovate your floors as they have necessary equipment and knowledge to build you an ideal footing.