Man wearing protective mask.
Man wearing protective mask.

It was cold, raining, and dark, as Pittsburgh mornings often are, when a dude with long blond hair and a red trucker hat approached me on Forbes Avenue and asked me a question. He was the fifth person who had recently asked me about the same thing, so I immediately suspected the universe was up to something.

As a professional risk manager, I’m used to peeking around corners, sensing potential impacts. In this case, I’m sensing a need for some basic disaster-prevention tips coming from someone with a qualified opinion.

Either that or the universe is just messing with me, which is also entirely possible. …

Writing Teacher: Never use the second-person narrative, even in essays. Never. Never ever.

Me: Why not?

Writing Teacher: Just don’t. Trust me. I said never ever!

Me: (Side-eyed, sotto voce) Hold my beer.

Writing Teacher: Wut?

Me: Nothing.

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When you’re a fan of J.D. Salinger, you eventually get to David Foster Wallace through Buddy and Seymour Glass and, if you’re lucky (and New Jersey-adventurous), Kenneth Caulfield. …

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We’re on the verge of the 2020’s and that got me thinking back to 1999, when everyone was talking about the millennium and being on the verge of something totally new, something out of a science fiction story or a danceable Prince song. …


Frank Marcopolos

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