I have more questions than answers.

I live in a small town and want to start a business.

By small I mean the welcome sign even says we have five grumpy people in town. The closest Walmart is 40 minutes away and we buy eggs at the dollar store. There is no grocery store.

Travelers stop to spend the night at the crazy motel. Most people drive through without knowing there are other things in town to do or see.

I’ll tell you about our vision.

We will be a second-hand store. We will have low prices. We will have plenty of nice things. This will NOT be where broken items come to die. Affordable, profitable and quality merchandise.

And that is where the questions begin.

1)What pricing scheme should we go with? (I hate the “rollback” pricing Wally World does.)

2)What marketing should I ask the city to help with? The more we sell the more revenue they will receive.

3)What products do you think are great for reselling?

4)Where do I get the money for inventory to make this dream become a reality?

I know that this isn’t a pretty article. I know it doesn’t give insight into the great minds of a start-up or answer questions about the universe.

It was written to get answers; Not solve other problems.

I need your help with answers. Can you help?