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Credit Yubico & modify by myself

So I have adopted yubico for few days…on the browser (chrome) quite a breeze…

Have used it to authenticate on devices all good…

Hence I said why not take it to the next level? What could go wrong…

And I have to admit I failed …I failed myself and I had to hack myself back or around the yubico (from hell)

Hell everything and at the time you need it most.

Lesson learned:

Always backup, have an alternative account to login and never ever trust technology.

Also, we are not there yet with the simplicity of interaction, at least for the smart…

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Credit to The Verge for the picture

Are you curious? is it possible? It is a potential and there is no clear statement out as we speak (2/6/19–2 PM GMT). Nonetheless, I don’t want to do another blog that slag Google… they offer a service and a bloody good one.

Think how much collaboration you get done through Gcloud, Gdocs etc… I do use it a lot and makes a brilliant writing experience across the board…

The incident

Now yesterday 02/06/2019 my google docs started acting up. I’ve rebooted half of the device in the house (turn it on and off anyone?), but nothing did seem to be working.

Around 9.45 …


Francesco Cipollone

Hi, I’m Francesco, I am the founder of NSC42. I’m A CISO and Cybersecrutiy Cloud Expert. I provide an insight on cybersecurity topics in my blogs and my passion

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