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Are you curious? is it possible? It is a potential and there is no clear statement out as we speak (2/6/19–2 PM GMT). Nonetheless, I don’t want to do another blog that slag Google… they offer a service and a bloody good one.

Think how much collaboration you get done…

Anonymous logo (Wikipedia)

Anonymous group (threat Actor Group) claimed an attack on Hundreds of websites. Pages like Coca-Cola, ToysRUs, McDonald’s have been affected.

Nearly 1 million of Israeli sites has been destroyed. Ynet and Calcalist where hackers displayed political messages.

The message was a hacktivist attack to push forward a political message. Websites…

Francesco Cipollone

Hi, I’m Francesco, I am the founder of NSC42. I’m A CISO and Cybersecrutiy Cloud Expert. I provide an insight on cybersecurity topics in my blogs and my passion

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