Baby Driver | Film | A Frank Review

Baby Driver Film Poster


This film has a really interesting concept. The idea of scenes being purely driven by the music that the protagonist is listening to, its an interesting concept, and one that works. But here lies our issue. What is seems is that it was the concept was thought of, and then the story was written to accommodate the concept. Which in this case, didn’t really work. It’s almost like having a cracker out of a Vintage Jacobs Crackers that costs upwards of £200, and then putting an ASDA smart price single plastic cheese slice on top of that, it just doesn’t work.

The actual structure of the story was alright, it was really only just good enough to keep you interested. It was sort of a mishmash of events, but they were flashy and good enough in their own light that is was okay.

Cast and Characters

Brilliant. Excellent. The character Baby was brilliant, his mood and just overall stature when performing was astounding, it just worked perfectly.

As for the other supporting characters, they were very good too. The characters didn’t progress, but their initial introduction and their first impressions were strong enough it didn't matter.

Overall, characters were brilliant, they were all unique, and had their own little quirks and added just enough personality to keep the story from collapsing.


Again time for me to blather on about the “concept” again. I was very very worried it would get boring, just watcgin

Bearing in mind the whole point of the film was it was set to music, it was fine. The music picked was appropriate for the scenes, but lets my real its not surprising. Most of the film is specifically choreographed to the music chosen, so saying “the music fitted the scenes really well” is like…well…yes? It’s choreographed to music, not the other way round. But yes, it worked, big whoop!


Lots of ‘splotions. I like ‘splotions. There’s a nice amount of ‘splotions.

No seriously though, impressive, not overused, very good. Not really anything out of the ordinary, just good use of what they had.

Overall Impressions

A good film. An enjoyable ‘splotion fest with an interesting concept. Not really a cult classic, but a flashy looking and sounding film, worth the watch if you’re bored and fancy seeing lots of guns, fast cars and Kevin Spacey cracking bad jokes.

6/a solid thumbs up.