The Ultimate Guide How to Get your FBI Background Check Apostille

You might consider this article as your reference of how to get your FBI background check. As an American citizen, and you need to travel abroad for work or for any other reason, you have to have a certificate, stating that you don’t have a criminal history or felonies which disqualify you from traveling abroad. Getting your FBI background check might be time consuming and a very tiring thing to do when you plan to travel abroad.

To get your FBI Background Check, there’ are 2 ways to obtain a CBC apostille, you can do it yourself way or the fast way using expedited services.

To do it yourself, there are some steps come first before getting the apostille stamp.

Steps to get your FBI CBC Apostille

  1. Get an Application Information Form.
  2. Take your Fingerprints on FD-258 form.
  3. Submit the Payment with the envelope.
  4. Review your Package again.
  5. Send your CRC to FBI CJIS Division.
  6. Apostille your FBI Background Check.

So, Let’s start by showing you how to get it yourself done step-by-step.

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