This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

I appreciate this piece, I really do. But I have to ask: how often do you engage with your local Republican Party? If you did, you might find that there is very little agreement on what the Party stands for in 2016, especially on policy. And in this note you have not outlined what policy you support (besides no wall and no torture — low hanging fruit imo). It’s easy to say you oppose violence, and that you want to be inclusive. But how does that translate to policy?

Does the Republican Party support free trade? Does the Party support deporting illegal immigrants or granting some type of amnesty? Does the Party think it can slash taxes and balance the budget? Should we get rid of the EPA? The DOE? The IRS?

Those are the some of questions you need to answer if you want change. Get ready to face fierce opposition from both inside and outside the Party.

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