Old Post #1


Today I lay without my phone. Usually my mind is besieged with thoughts such as, “What song should I listen to? Anyone online to talk to? Where/how can I get a little satisfaction before I sleep? What kind of satisfaction am I looking for?” I am sure you can relate.

I become ever so more aware of my mind without my phone clouding it constantly. Cheyenne, you had the right idea, thank you for taking the lead.

A few tips from the Franklman:

  • Designate a time of day after which you will not check your social media
  • Dedicate this time to activities such as reading, meditation, art, or simply relaxing (for me, I like to smoke a spliff on my porch and listen to the night, after that, FUCK social media, I’m chillin)
  • Perhaps make it a morning thing instead, for example: “Only after I eat breakfast and read will I turn my phone on”
  • Be aware of what you’re doing: if you find yourself scrolling aimlessly, put your phone down and go outside for a few minutes, walk around, and let your mind speak to you
  • Talk with your friends about your respective uses of social media and your mobile devices, gauge how much you all use ’em and how intentful these uses are
  • Realize what these are for and perhaps use it more as a tool than as a default activity/method of interaction
  • Create more OUTPUT in your life
  • Like a big dull dumb sponge, many of us absorb social media content as if we really give two shits about all of it
  • Spend more time CREATING and EXPRESSING YOURSELF than trying to connect with the messages you absorb online

Ever since beginning these practices myself I have become more productive, happier, more present, and ever moreso aware of my surroundings. My physical senses seem sharper than before and I definitely feel more purpose in my life, purpose that I have been giving it during the time I would otherwise be aimlessly scrolling through the interwebs.

Social media is great and our devices are amazing, just don’t lose touch with yourself, don’t let them decide your life for you. Retain your autonomy.