On Art

A beautiful play of ideas, a dance quite sacred…

On art. I like the idea of art evolving, that each piece can be seen as a frame taken directly from a vintage movie, now just a choppy video, what once was the embodiment of the era’s greatest ideas. I feel that these ideas, too, are exactly what art actually is. Art is a self-exploration using humans as the computers and our mediums as … well… just that, mediums to express itself.

Perhaps this human condition is truly evidence of our unity; we are all figuring out our own condition a little bit to help humanity as a whole recalibrate itself, upon itself. We are just these little parts of the larger picture, yet within ourselves, we are a whole, and within that whole, is our greater existence. As above, so below. So our self exploration truly is humanity exploring itself and growing. A beautiful idea if you ask me.