On Monday September 27 Frank & the Backs is organizing the hybrid event BackTalks! The event focuses on founders of scale-ups, but also on (future) Backs and other interested parties. The program gives insight in the concept of Frank & the Backs, shows best practices and reveals a new model…

Interesting articles of the Harvard Business Review and Forbes! People often think that start-ups only grow with young founders, this is one of the biggest start-up myths. Both Harvard Business Review and Forbes show a clear and direct correlation to age! Older start-up founders perform better than their younger counterparts!

To operate a successful business, knowledge, and experience are needed. Previous senior C-level executives and entrepreneurs that operate as seasoned coaches can cover the back of (young) founders as they are in the frontline of their business. That is our vision and business of Frank&theBacks.

HBR: https://lnkd.in/euYmCcc

Forbes: https://lnkd.in/duCWBYX

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This article published by Forbes addresses the 15 biggest legal mistakes made by startups. Some of the examples given in the article are typically American, but many are true for the entire world. Relevant areas in Western Europe include:
- The correct legal and fiscal structure of your company (# 1,2…

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