I’m currently writing an article very similar to yours.
Matija Marohnić

Hey! Thanks for your feedback, it’s always cool to hear about other people’s experiences and it’s always reassuring to hear someone say “me too!” about something that feels like a very personal experience.

There are definitely people who believe there is such a thing as ‘proper’ polyamory and basically where I am at right now is working on not worrying about those people. There are lots of different ways of doing non-monogamy and I think that as long as you and your partner(s) are happy, you can call it whatever you like! But it can be hard to talk about it in an online context where people are very quick to tell you off for using what they deem to be the wrong term or for appearing to misrepresent something they define differently.

As for jealousy… you’re right, it’s bad enough that people let their own lives be controlled by it, without letting it control other people’s!

I’ll look forward to reading your piece — let me know when it’s up!

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