Choosing between online and traditional lotto alternatives

There is a controversy between the conservative men of habit and the young aspiring generation open for everything new and unusual. Let’s take for instance the lotto games. The issue may sound somewhat childish for someone still not for Australians known for their gambling passion and the swing of the lottery industry. And there is nothing surprising here taking into account dozens of jackpot winner and millions paid out in cash prizes every year.

On the one hand some state that to make the lottery game really exiting it is necessary to follow the traditional order: go to the retailer, check off the numbers, wait for the draw broadcast and hope luck will smile upon you. They say there is something of magic in it.

On the other hand the the young generation argues it is “stupid” not to take advantage of the available innovations. They state that winning lotto is just to one’s luck so why not play and check Australian lotto results online to save time and trouble.

So what should me, a first-timer, choose standing between these two camps.

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