Senior Thesis

As soon as the senior thesis was introduced, I knew immediately that my focus would most likely be on some social issue. The problem with focusing on social issues is that many of the topics are overdone and there is not much of an opportunity to offer something original. I really like the idea of doing my thesis on poverty. A few possible places to go with the poverty idea is: Can the poverty cycle be escaped? Is the poverty cycle real? Why do people focus more on international hunger issues than they do on hunger issues at home? If I took on the poverty idea, I could pretty easily complete my hours through backpack buddies, the Family Promise, soup kitchens. If I did do this, I’d like to interview people, I’m not sure if that would look like interviewing people who “escaped” poverty, people in poverty, people who run organizations that help get people back on their feet, or random people to see how they feel about the issue (but that probably wouldn’t help me at all).

I’d like to consider other options as well. I just do not want to get stuck doing something I am not interested in but at the same time, I do not want to do something that has been done a million times. I’ve tried to think about research ideas that focus on another topic but I am pretty much only interested in social problems.

I’m definitely open to all ideas, I’m a little worried that I haven’t really explored my options enough because I’m so far in on the idea of poverty but I’m close to a dead end on ideas.

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