Emprender no es crear empresas. No es hacer dinero. No es tener empleados u oficinas o manejar grandes corporaciones. ¡Emprender es simplemente el arte de hacer posible!

Emprender es abandonar lo conocido y tomar un camino inexplorado hacia nuestro sueño, visión y propósito. Es saltar al vacío de lo incierto, sostener el miedo y animarnos a luchar por hacer realidad lo que deseamos en la única vida que tenemos disponible. Es enfrentarnos a nosotros mismos, a las creencias que nos limitan y a las voces de los otros. Es probar una y otra vez. Es caer y volver a levantarnos.

Comparto mi experiencia en Kellogg School of Management, Stanford Graduate Business School, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan y Singularity University. Cómo impactaron en mi carrera y un modelo alternativo para analizar esta decisión tan importante. Por qué en un mundo donde el modelo de educación está en crisis decido continuar apostando a estas experiencias. La próxima: INSEAD.

Kellogg School of Management, Chicago

Mi primer programa de Formación Ejecutiva en Estados Unidos fue en 2013 (ya con 31 años), el Executive Development Program (EDP), orientado a Gerencia General, en Kellogg School of Management. Desde los 26 años me desempeñaba en posiciones…

My new public profile quickly reached 15.000 followers, then 25.000, and when I intended to express my gratitude to people from all over the world I reinforced this article´s title conclusion. Let me share it with you:

“An honor, and a great responsibility!

The world we live in, with all its disparities, inequalities, and terrible things we as humans continue to allow, is going through a moment (and I believe this trend will only grow stronger) in which every individual has more power than ever before (power to accomplish, to transform, to influence) . We haven't yet grasped this idea…

Rachel García es una maravillosa emprendedora, con una experiencia invaluable en su primer proyecto: Jumperr, cuya historia merece sin dudas un artículo de su protagonista. Rachel cursa actualmente la VII edición de la Academia de Startup de Scalabl de Buenos Aires. Al agradecerle una reflexión profunda y contundente que publicó en el grupo de Facebook de nuestra Academia, su respuesta me provocó una sonrisa, seguida de un sentimiento cálido de alegría en el pecho. Entonces comencé a escribir un párrafo intentando transmitir un recuerdo al grupo, y eso derivó en este artículo, que me lleva a resignificar la historia, fusionándose…

Don’t allow anyone to define your value, to determine your talent, to declare your “potential”. You and only you know your worth, what you can achieve!

The Lion King. Broadway. Simba and his uncle in a memorable scene. The journey of a Hero.

There will be moments when you won’t believe in you, lost in declarations of the outside world, or looking for external approval that never seems to come, maybe disappointed because results seem totally opposite to what you expected, or what you felt inside you were meant to achieve.

Let me share what I think. What you feel inside is real! You know who you are. Maybe you just stopped listening to yourself in disbelief…

La “fórmula” del éxito para cualquier emprendedor difiere radicalmente de las recomendaciones de los protagonistas del ecosistema de Startup actual y sus “Gurus”: Venture Capitals, Ángeles Inversores, Incubadoras, Aceleradoras, Universidades, Consultores y hasta Gobiernos (que siguen dichas recomendaciones, a veces con buena intención pero con falta de conocimiento)

Emprender, como llamamos hoy al proceso de convertir la visión del fundador en un proyecto real, ha requerido una mezcla de coraje, intuición, inteligencia emocional, resiliencia, antifragilidad, acceso a recursos y capital social por cientos, miles de años. Una especie de arte. Pero alrededor de 7 años atrás, algunos autores comenzaron a…

Lets say I admire Google as a company, and certainly their initiatives in the entrepreneurial environment: Google Ventures, Google Launchpad, Google for Entrepreneurs, their Sprint methodology (inspired on Steve Blank’s contributions and other authors’ without the due recognition in my opinion, but spectacular, you need to read the book), their 10X view of innovation and disruption, and many others!

But sometimes when you are leading a space with innovation something can go wrong in your front lawn:

Apr 12 “Entrepreneurship Definition” response on Google Search. It seems AI doesn’t grasp Entrepreneurship

There is almost one definition of entrepreneurship for every startup self named “Guru”. …

[ . ] = [ GAP ]

Inspired in a question I received on QUORA, where I’m answering on Startups, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment, Finance, Networking and other related subjects

Together with fallacies, entrepreneurial funding traps, lack of knowledge, 0 focus on learning, absence of comments on great books and modern startup methodology, and other things that drive me crazy about the current Startup Ecosystem, I continuously see prospective entrepreneurs, startups in every stage, Angel Investors, recognized Venture Capitalists, “Gurus”, Professors, specialized magazines, newspapers and more players linking incorrectly Ideas with Success or Profit, encouraging everyone to look for “the next BIG idea”.

So when answering the following question on QUORA, without noticing, I generated some kind of Ideas Manifesto. What do you…

What I find inspiring about Business is its immense potential to transform things, to change realities.

While growing in our career we learn powerful principles that can lead to transformation. It does not matter if you are an Analyst, a Trainee, a VP or an Owner, we all hold certain principles that are effective for us. And the wonderful thing is that they can be shared, they can be learned.

We never end learning, and sources are unlimited (inspiring leaders, terrible leaders, peers, teams, formal education, courses, books, social media, and of course, your own experience, your curiosity, experimentation, challenges…

I’m very fond of this article, my first one, I posted in the beginning of 2015. I didn’t know what was ahead, but my vision and principles were clear then. I had discovered something more powerful that I never imagined:

2014 was life changing. It was a journey of discovery and growth. In this post I share some key principles, learnings and resources that made all the difference.

November 2013. Kellogg School of Management. Brian Uzzi´s “Networking” class made a huge impact on me. After a perfect lecture, he brought the power of Networking to life in an exercise that…

Francisco Santolo

Global CEO at Scalabl. Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker. MBA Professor. Executive education at Harvard, Stanford, Singularity University, Kellogg & MIT.

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