Ideas Manifesto: Innovation [ . ] Business [ . ] Profit

[ . ] = [ GAP ]

Inspired in a question I received on QUORA, where I’m answering on Startups, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment, Finance, Networking and other related subjects

Together with fallacies, entrepreneurial funding traps, lack of knowledge, 0 focus on learning, absence of comments on great books and modern startup methodology, and other things that drive me crazy about the current Startup Ecosystem, I continuously see prospective entrepreneurs, startups in every stage, Angel Investors, recognized Venture Capitalists, “Gurus”, Professors, specialized magazines, newspapers and more players linking incorrectly Ideas with Success or Profit, encouraging everyone to look for “the next BIG idea”.

So when answering the following question on QUORA, without noticing, I generated some kind of Ideas Manifesto. What do you think? Let’s build together!

QUESTION: “Which idea can take me to 1.000.000 US$ profit a month?”

Ideas do not give profit

Ideas do not even give revenue

Ideas are not even Innovation

Ideas can maybe be or lead to the Invention part of Innovation.

Innovation = Invention + Execution

And for an Innovation to generate profit there´s a long way to go

You can´t associate directly any business idea with a certain profit

Not even if you design a whole virtuous Business Model

Not even if you talk 1 on 1 to a relevant part of your target customer segment and discover their patterns: pains and gains

Not even if you build a perfect product or service by knowing what your customers desire

Not even after you test all the missing parts of the Business Model

Not even if you have a wonderful sales roadmap with great lead generation, predictable and profitable sales conversion

Not even Multinational prestigious companies can assure to launch a new product without 3 zeros variation (%) on demand estimation

The distance from and idea to 1.000.000 US$ profit is ∞

PLEASE! Don´t search for an idea, follow your purpose, your vision. Don’t dream or copy an idea, design a Business Model. Test the problem (pains or gains in customers’ jobs to be done) with whom you hypothetically consider your target segment, listen, ask open questions, don’t speak to convince or to sell, once again ask, listen! Pivot, Iterate, develop the customer together with your business model and product or service. Follow methodologies! Read. Apply. Learn. Improve your execution! Read. Apply. Learn.

Try not to listen to the Startup Ecosystem players. Build your own inner voice by reading, applying, and internalizing your learnings.

What do you think? Let’s learn together! But don’t tell me you have an idea!

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