Plan for success, relentlessly work for success, build your network for it, adapt yourself skillfully in front of new information, read and study continuously, improve, nurture your emotional intelligence (EQ), never abandon your values, give first and take care of people. Then, just be patient and don’t judge yourself, be kind and positive. Success will certainly come!

But BEFORE, please take time to define what success is for YOU!

There should be as many definitions of success as people in this world! Don’t let yourself be tricked or pushed by others’ expectations! You owe it to yourself! Cause if you follow the above, believe me, success will come, even in the most unexpected moment! And you’ll be there, hugged to your own definition of success, the one you relentlessly fought for, and maybe you’ll feel uncomfortable, or extremely unhappy realizing it is not what you expected.

Just let me tell you, it’s not easy to get rid of your own success!

Instead, work on self-knowledge, enjoy the path and who you are, let your big goals be the driver to grow and experience the wonderful ride of life!

Define your own success and go for it, but don’t cheat yourself by telling you the wrong story, by insisting happiness will appear when you get there!

Happiness always starts TODAY, right now!

Hope it helps!

With love,
CEO Scalabl Global

Startup & Entrepreneurship Mentor

Thanks Alejandro Baccarat for the excellent picture!

Francisco Santolo — Global CEO at Scalabl — Mentor, Author and Speaker

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