No Man of Quality Supports Inequality

Why Men and Women Need to Work Together to Eliminate “Feminism”

If the latter part of this article’s title enrages you, take a breath (You’ll understand it later). Let me be clear, the Women Against Feminism campaign is one of the most despicable movements of this generation. The movement sits in company with the homophobic fight against gay marriage, the racist fight against interracial relationships, and a plethora many other disgraceful battles, but in reality the movement trumps them all. It wasn’t homosexuals that were fighting against gay marriage, nor was it African-Americans fighting against civil rights. Women Against Feminism groups exhibit the worst elements of modern day society. They take antiquated views, combine them with misinformation they hear from unreliable sources, and they present it as fact to vulnerable subjects. It’s no wonder Republicans tend to be anti-feminist. Unfortunately, Women Against Feminism groups arenot alone; predictably, they are joined by passionate male groups that refer to themselves as Meninists. But the problem doesn’t even stop hear. Aside from the loud, passionate followings, Feminism is being fought against by America as a whole. As much as 82% of the American public, don’t consider themselves ‘feminists’.

Exactly what is the problem with feminism? Perception seems to be the most obvious problem. Feminism is widely viewed as female dominance over males, but to be blunt that only ever exists pornography, (or at least that’s what a friend says) ironically a male run industry. The real definition of feminism is simple. Equality. And a feminist is someone who supports that equality.

“What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn” -Hillel the Elder

My journey with feminism started in high school. As a male, I admittedly never really passionately supported the cause. Its not that I thought as females as inferior, but I was blind to the everyday obstacles placed upon them. It was shortly after we hired an old-school principal with old-school views that my eyes were opened. Within weeks, a witch-hunt in our school began in which my classmates were getting called out. My ignorance led me to believe that these students were the natural troublemakers in school, so why would I care? Then it happened. I saw it right in my AP class. To a girl as pure as gold. Slut shaming. Public embarrassment. Kicked out of class. All over a tank top. I was so confused. I looked around class to see football players wearing ‘cut-offs’, yet nothing was said. “Well why weren’t they punished, if they’re also breaking the ‘dress code’?” They’re male. My confusion evolved to anger, which evolved to motivation. Over the next few weeks my views on feminism and the outrageous societal norms we accept evolved. I knew that I could change my views and behavior, but if I acted alone, I knew I would be contributing to the complacency we have in the faults within our society. Luck be a lady, I was happened to serve with our town’s board of education (more like bored of education am I right?!). I spent several weeks preparing a speech, that I hoped would lead to a policy review to either eliminate or equalize district dress codes. My hopes would be crushed that night when institutionalized sexism was revealed. The board members stopped me just 2 minutes and 36 seconds (in which they rolled their eyes at the entire time) into my speech and told me that it wasn’t appropriate, relevant, or important to the issues of students.

Me shortly after I was stopped mid speech.

The justification for dress codes and its enforcement on female students only is that schools need to establish properness and avoid perversion in an educational setting (CRAZY how colleges can operate without such dress codes). While a degree of appropriateness is needed in any entity, a school’s function should be to educate and develop; not deeming what is proper. If you ask me their argument about perversion is appalling. I consider the fact that a principal (Lets call him out for his ignorance: Frederick Silva) worrying more about teenage girls in tank tops than the quality of education in his school, perversion.

This attitude towards subjects like dress codes isn’t just an issue that stops at the end of the school day. School is where the majority of adolescent’s values are developed. And it affects both genders negatively. A popular reason given for the enforcement on females only, is that it’s distractive to teenage boys. Well, then the issue is with the boys. If male teenagers are taught that they can dictate the actions of females or that females are to embrace the needs of males, the possibilities of ignorance that can lead to domestic violence, rape, and other forms of abuse are endless. If female teenagers are taught that they have to dress to better suit the needs of their male counterparts, their complacency of being deemed 2nd class citizens could only increase. Are we going to continue to train our daughters to suit the need of our sons? How about we teach our son’s respect our daughters?

A matter like dress codes enforcement is only a small piece of the mosaic of institutionalized sexism. In order to achieve feminism we need to redefine many aspects, but lets start at a few. Lets start with the boys. Masculinity is often associated with toughness and physical strength. Its time we start seeing masculinity instead, as the act of man bringing out the best in a woman. Man should make it their goal to push his female counterpart to be the best she can be. Additionally lets define what it means ‘to be a man’ in the 21st century. In today’s age a man is not someone who financially provides for his family, instead a man should be someone who works with his partner to support (emotionally, financially, etc.) a home. Likewise, chivalry shouldn’t be about societal expectations, but rather an exhibition of one’s appreciation for another. But men don’t stand alone in fighting the inequalities. Unfairly, women bear the most responsibility for their fighting their discrimination. Complacency of sexism is a cancer to the movement towards gender equality. Females must collectively raise their standards on how they expect to be treated. Man cannot and will not operate without woman. Women have the leverage. Their standards of treatment don’t have to be drastic; this isn’t Disney, but expecting to be treated as an equal needs to be an expectation and not a goal.

My article’s title calls for the end of feminism not because I’m against the idea, but because the idea needs to be apart of a larger picture. The legacy of this generation should be that feminism is swallowed by humanity. Humanity, the collective dignity of the human race. Feminism isn’t a fight for just females, but the human race as a whole. A great woman once said:

“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights..” -Hillary Rodham Clinton
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