Enigma’s Token Sale — Full Details
Enigma Project

Do you know why whitelisting existed?

They needed to calculate how much all whitelisters are willing to invest.

all tokens = pre-sale+whitelisters+ico+all that stays with team


Let’s raise number of tokens! Ha! Because our statistics say that WE CAN because there is DEMAND.

Early supporters? Do we care? NO! We like $$$ and we like cocaine and drugs and prostitutes.

GOOOOOOOD. We make it clever as if we care about community.

= I AM GOING TO WAIT until you burn like fallen star on exchange and get on board there. Because there is nothing that is going to help your stupid token after this fiasco.

Enigma team has lied to us all this time.

They don’t give a shit or two about early supporters.

50% refund = trying to milk the cow as much as possible because this will create FOMO and everyone will try to send as much money as he/she has regardless of what he/she intended to invest to Enigma.

Except… that we don’t. I am not stupid moron to get F’ed by this marketing trick.

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