What is the FraoulaBest© solution



  • Grotop EXPERT with vertical fibers offering: fast rooting, vegetative growth at the begining of the crop, easy rinsing.
  • Grotop MASTER with the unique dual layer of fibers (thicker on the upper level and less dense at the lower level) wich provides: control range on vegetative and generative phase of plant through the water management, root growth through the whole slab, quick resaturation.
  • These substrates were chosen for easy steering from…

Obviously the FraoulaBest® solution follows the above principles. Apart, the FraoulaBest® solution has move forward to the certification of either on IPM standards (eg GLOBALGAP) or on Food Safety Management Systems (eg HACPP, ISO 22000).

But what are these specific issues that make the strawberry cultivation so special?

  1. Firstly there is difficulty in producing year round. This problem occurs intensely during summer time where temperatures indicate high values (>30 οC) and the…


The hydroponic strawberry solution FraoulaBest® was designed under the philosophy of Total Greenhouse Management

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