FRASER releases the campaign “Nexeed it!” for its new client Bosch

The campaign for Bosch’s Nexeed services and solutions for the Manufacturing and Logistics industries puts the product name in the spotlight.

Mar 18 · 3 min read

How do you communicate a product or service that is hard to grasp, but can save businesses money, time and workload? This was the challenge faced by Bosch Connected Industry and FRASER when they first came together to help promote Nexeed. FRASER decided to put the name front and center; turning it into a solution to anyone’s problems - “Nexeed it”.

Bosch has been preparing for the future transition into the next age of Industry 4.0, where smartphones and other IoT devices will play a bigger role on our shop floors, assembly lines, and transportation routes within the manufacturing and logistics industries. Intelligent software solutions ensure the connection of humans, machines and components. Bosch Connected Industry bundles these solutions in a comprehensive portfolio under the name "Nexeed".

In essence, Nexeed is a host of services and solutions that can be scaled, adapted and integrated into any setting. It digitizes, optimizes and improves. Bosch began by testing this new technology in their factories — all 270 of them. And now they’re ready to share this new host of solutions with the rest of the world, simplifying the daily work of employees and optimizing production in terms of transparency, agility, cost, quality and time.

FRASER created and developed a social selling campaign to help Bosch Connected Industry engage with their target audience, company executives and C-level managers, to show them that their current challenges now have an easy-to-implement solution.

By collaborating and working together, agency and client brought to life a campaign that shows real-life and relatable situations but with a twist. Instead of going for the already too-many-times seen usage of generic factory pictures with retro futuristic (and imaginary) beams of digital information flying through the air, the campaign features a series of manufacturing and logistics-related scenes, recreated through the interaction of miniature figures and life-size objects, tricking the eye and inviting the viewer to stop and discover more. Every scene depicts a ‘stressful’ situation that the audience can relate to, where the intervention and application of Nexeed is the solution.

The overall concept under which the campaign exists is “Nexeed It”, putting the name of the product front and center, aiming to coin a colloquial expression so as to be used and remembered. From now on, “Nexeeding” something when it comes to IIoT projects, will mean achieving a positive business milestone, implementing a digital transformation project in a successful way, and managing to positively transform the culture of a company, bringing it to the Industry 4.0 standards.

In order to reach a very specific audience, the campaign will be deployed across different touch points. From starting conversations on Twitter and Facebook, to letting the potential customers be part of a community of Industry 4.0 experts and Digital Transformation Leaders on LinkedIn, where they will find advice on individual solutions for specific applications, retrofit solutions, as well as a wide range of services such as consulting, technical support, employee qualification, and implementation assistance.


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