The Drunkbeater Creature

This story came down from my family.

Most of my ancestors were farmers, living deep down in the country side. The year was around the 60s, everything was distant, neighbors sometimes lived miles away from each other. There was no electricity in the farms, cities were far away, goods were hard to find and very expensive.

My relatives weren’t supposed to tell this story, because people might think that our family is crazy: you know how it is, small village, everybody knows everyone, shit spread easily. They would be labeled.

I had this grand-uncle, whom I will call “H.E.”. He wasn't the best person in the world. He used to be mean, drink a lot and sometimes beat his wife (my grandmother's sister).

My great-grandparents were the owners of a somewhat big piece of land were nowadays is located a milk-derivate factory. At that time it was practically within the woods, in a recently settled part of our State. The family lived together on that land, having a few houses built on it. Most of them took care of the farm and the animals, but H.E. used to work as a truck driver for a company which sold soy and ration. He had to drive it loaded to the port of Porto Alegre and then bring it back. Almost nobody had a car (actually they had ox carts there, in the farms), so he had to went all the way back from the company to his house at foot.

One night, in the early hours after midnight, he returned the truck and was coming back to home. In the way back home there was a coco palm tree forked in two branches, exquisite shaped, at which he always went through.

That night, he heard a noise and suddenly some kind of child-like creature, hairless and naked, with a grey skin color and a light beaming on his head jumped from behind the tree over my granduncle.

That thing attacked him and started to hit him constantly. He screamed like hell, you could imagine how horrified he was to see such a strange thing and at the same having it trying to kill you.

Fortunately, he managed to release himself from the creature and run away like the wind going straight to home, following the usual path, screaming like hell.

He arrived at home and woke up everybody with his scene. That would be a hell of a prank or a drunk-dream, if the creature haven't followed him. Everybody there saw that thing, who again started to strike and was trying to kill good old H.E. in front of them.

Another of my granduncles immediately got inside home and looked for his machete (which is a common tool at any farm, at least around here). He aimed at the creature had and stroke it many times.

The blow worked, and the creature melt down into nothingness in front of their eyes, while the light on its head spliced in two parts, floated around and just disappeared as well as its body.

After that, my mean granduncle continued being the same “good person” he ever was. The family thinks it was the devil punishing him for being mean, but I think if the devil exists he would have given a prize to that man.

Why am I writing this now? Well, I think this story is a pearl, and I just have been informed that H.E. passed away some time ago. But now the funny thing… he got back.

It seems he is appearing in my grandaunt's bed at night, at her side, and doesn't let her sleep. My stepfather thinks his spirit is trying to drive her crazy and make her kill herself. I just think she is having bad dreams.

Probably you don't believe a piece of this story. Well, actually I don't believe it myself, but it's the ultimate truth for my elders and I will respect them if they choose to believe.

May be we are a little crazy after all.