Value instead of Volume

Who owns our city? Lüneburg’s local newspaper Landeszeitung made sure the city heard the question. And saw it, too. (Photo: Vicari)
Listening on a sunny day in May 2019: 200 people followed the newspaper’s invitation into the park. They came for a picnic and got involved in the conversation about ‘Who owns Lüneburg?’ (Photo: t&w for Landeszeitung)

The future of journalism requires a post-content, relationship-based strategy.

And therefore we must reconceive of media and journalism as a service, not a product.

Serving communities as a journalist can be complicated, but it is definitely fun. (Photo: t&w for Landeszeitung)
Landeszeitung’s Editor-in-Chief, Marc Rath, with his new ‘sword’: craft sheets with information about the newspaper’s crowd-sourcing campaign ‘Who owns Lüneburg?’ (Photo: Vicari)



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