Apple WATCH – it’s not the product, it’s the name that is ‘debatable’.

Plenty of people discussed the Apple WATCH with me, said it was not going to be their new watch. They mentioned that its not a status symbol like a Rolex, they find the time on their phones or their desktops, or that they don’t wear watches at all anymore anyways.

Thing is: The Apple WATCH, just as all the other smartwatches, is not a watch. The only thing smartwatches have in common with watches as we knew them, is where we put them and that they show the time.

But adding ‘smart’ to the word ‘watch’ changes pretty much everything. Except for where we wear them and that they show the time.

Example: The iPhone or any other smartphone out there is a device that we put in our pockets and carry around just like cellphones, back in the days. Now, if you compare the time that you spend on your phone doing phone calls (and text messages if you wish to be so precise) compared to all the other functions (sharing pictures, browsing the web, checking into locations, using navigations, watching movies…) I guess we all agree on the fact, that that is not exactly what we thought of when we spoke of “phones”. It is more “A mini computer that can do phone calls and fits into my pocket”.

Keeping that in mind, a smartwatch is not a watch as we know it. It’s a small computer/smartphone on your wrist. It’s not a Rolex, it’s not jewerly, it’s right now technology and a bit of design. That also shows the time and is worn on the wrist, but is actually designed to do so much more.

Gernot Poetsch from nxtbgthng invited me to watch the Apple Keynote with him and his team and friends. As we later spoke, he shared his thought that the Apple WATCH is to the iPhone what the iPad is to the MacBook Air. The iPad doesn’t replace an Air, but after hanging on the sofa, browsing the web with a tablet, you’ll never use your computer for it again.

As someone who loves riding a bike, I’m excited to have something on my wrist that tells me through vibrations where to go. And that will just be one of many things.

If that is worth $350?

For a watch, that costs way more than a Armani and way less than a Rolex: No.

For a mini computer: Yes.

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