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Holy shit.

Pardon my French.

I am 16 and I haven’t been on social media for….

uh……. a year…?

Even before that I wasn’t on media at all, I’ve only had access to media for three years before that. Once I got it, it was poison. Now that I’ve read this article and I can relate to exactly what you feel, I am glad to know I’m not alone. It’s very easy to think of some people as your friends, but a true friends rides the bus with you when the limo breaks down.

Its also very easy to wonder what it would be like with the media. But, honestly, I would just be wasting time facebooking my “friends” who only talk when its continent. I’ve done so much without social media, to think, how much of an experience would I have if I spent the whole time trying to get the right angle for a selfie on snapchat. I’m glad to have someone who can put into words why I don’t need media. I can’t even count how many people my age have asked, “How do you do that, I’d be miserable,” or “How do you know what’s going on”.

How did people live before media.

Happily, and freely.


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