You might be correct IF Islam truly was a religion and not a political system hiding behind a thin…
Sandra Lee Smith

What exactly is your evidence or even just your reasoning for that idea? I know plenty of Muslims and they aren’t trying to overthrow our government. They are just like Christians or Jewish people. They live in America and they do as they do while they believe in a certain faith. What are you even thinking saying that its a political system? Maybe if you’re talking about the Taliban or the Al Queda, but that isn’t the same as the Muslim religion. Those are the extremest that we know are just shitty people. Its a minor section of something that I’m certain the Muslim peoples do not agree with. They tear apart and kill Muslim people because their ankles show or their shoes are too loud, that’s why they are coming to find safety in us. They are coming because of that first amendment right. And bigoted people like you are just ruining what our founding fathers paved for us long ago. They came here because the tyranny of the king threw them in jail for anything, including having a differing religion. Shutting innocent people out because of their religion is not what any of them had in mind when they made that very first amendment. The very first idea from the very start. This is the United States. Not the totalitarian government you’re trying to make it.


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