The bolito of being a “good girl”
Felicia C. Sullivan

Women’s role in Entertainment

In 2015 men got about twice as much screen time as women.


I wonder what would happen if you took away all the time that women were either talking about men, talking to men, or having sex with men.

Women in movies and books talk about men being attractive or their relationship with a man, or even flirting with a man. Many forms of entertainment that involve murderous women almost always is sexist. The women are always murdering because of a man. They love the man so much they kill their wife, they were cheated on by the man so they kill him, and many more iconic examples. This book by Felicia exposes that. The women are not killing because of a man. Our actions are not driven by man like entertainment likes to humor men’s ego by letting them believe that women are so crazy about men that they would murder.

I don’t give a fuck about your fragile masculinity.

A big thanks for Felicia, for being real.


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