China’s ‘House of Cards’ has been viewed 350 million times

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China’s ‘House of Cards’ has been viewed 350 million times

The HotPost this week is a WeChat post about memes surrounding a new TV series broadcasted on Hunan TV, called ‘In the name of people’. Supervised by Supreme Procuratorate of China, this series is about China’s anti corruption fight, and features a high quality storyline and production which has attracted many Millennials audiences. There is a real Government-led movement taking place in China today to produce Chinese made, high quality productions. This series is no exception, and talks about a subject matter that is both real and serious.The Millennials really appreciate the acting, production values and above all the realism of the stories. In the past, TV series were so controlled by the Government, badly acted and fake, that Millennials just rejected all previous TV shows and today demand more of these types of shows.

Chinese government sets up Xiong’an New Area in Hebei province

The HotTopic this week is the Xiong’an New Area, which generated 224 million media impressions on Sina Weibo and was the number 1 Hot Topic. Xiong An is actually a new district created by the government 130km Southwest of Beijing. The objective for developing this new city is to reduce Beijing’s population density and bring part of Beijing’s economy to this new district. Previous examples of these new developments have been very successful in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Special Economic Center) and in Shanghai (Shanghai Pudong New Area), where they have helped balance out the population density. Hence, Beijing has launched this initiative to create a new district called XNA.

Some people were disappointed that the money for this new development was not infused in a Beijing neighborhood, but globally people were very positive. There was a funny anecdote the day of the district’s opening, when real estate brokers increased the value per square meter from 5,000RMB to 18,000RMB in 24hours! This prompted the Government to stop all future speculation to stop the brokers and not the people from coming.

KFC partners with Onmyoji video game

The HotBrand this week is KFC, with 130 million media impressions on Sina Weibo in a partnership with a Chinese mobile game called ‘Onmyoji’. Young people absolutely love this game for the quality of the graphics, and the beauty of its characters. As you know, Millennials today demand a high quality in entertainment, much like the production values in the U.S.

KFC therefore made a partnership with this game, which is owned by NetEase, which is recently being talked about more and more in China. NetEase is a Chinese Internet technology company, which was at the time saved by the founder of OppoVivo, and has become specialized in mobile video games. It is possible that NetEase will one day become one of China’s big players like BAT.

This was a clever partnership, where each time you entered a KFC restaurant, you were presented with 2 menus (with special characters you can collect), geo-localized with your mobile, and could play a new level of the game that is unavailable outside of the restaurant. It’s a really smart, millennial-focussed idea that worked really well.

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Originally published at on April 13, 2017.

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