[Insight] More and more young Americans don’t have sex

[Insight] More and more young Americans don’t have sex

A recent study showed that millennials are having less sex than previous generations. More exactly, this San Diego State University research compared the number of American 20–24 year-olds who did not have any sex partners, today and in the 1980’s. The results are quite surprising: in the eighties, only 6% of respondents reported having no sexual relations since the age of 18, compared to almost 15% today.

Obviously, no one really knows how to explain this set of data. Different hypothesis arise: some say it’s because more millennials live at their parents’ home, while others state that the risk of sexually transmitted diseases has been a real downer. Some point the key role of pornography made available for everyone, while others accuse the “hookup culture” of turning young people away from vaginal sex. The study finally speculates that millennials are having less sex simply because there is less peer pressure…
So, wait, I’m confused: when you said “Netflix and Chill”, you REALLY meant “Netflix and Chill”?

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