[Social] “Think Siri, but better!”

[Social] “Think Siri, but better!”

Chatbots are interactive software powered by artifical intelligence designed to copy human conversation and are seen as the future of mobile apps eight years after Apple unveiled its online shop. Analysts are expecting Facebook to open up Messenger’s platform to “chatbots” and launch an online store for them in the next few weeks. But why is that such a big news for brands?

Because chatbots, if we are optimistic, will soon allow Internet users to do “everything” they want without leaving their message as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines did launching a bot within Facebook Messenger and allowing people to get their frequent flyer number, boarding pass, check-in reminders… Therefore, Facebook Messenger app will soon allow you to buy your ticket for your next trip and order the books you need at the same place.

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Originally published at knowledge.fredfarid.com.

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