Andela Bootcamp: Adaptability

I made it to the final week of boot camp. Yaas! I’ve made it this far by adapting to different changes. Adaptability, as defined here, is the ability of one to alter itself or its responses to the changed circumstances or environment. It shows the ability to learn from experience, and improves the fitness of the learner as a competitor.

This not being my first bootcamp, I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I needed to learn and do to make it to the next week. Here is how it started for me:

I didn’t make it to the fellowship in my last bootcamp because I wasn’t up to speed with ExpressJS, so as in my previous posts, I took time out to learn it. I applied to this bootcamp with a lot more confidence, made it through the Home Study, Interview, and to bootcamp. I got an email inviting me to bootcamp and I was excited — another chance, right?

In the email welcoming me to bootcamp, I found that things have changed — there are a lot of new tools to use, and the ones I was familiar with were not part. wow. I also had some tasks to complete, in the “Pre-bootcamp week”




A lot of questions came in. Why have things changed? why do I need to learn about Json Webtokens when I already went and learned Passport authentication. Why do I need to use PostgreSQL and not my dear MongoDB. And to cap things, I had to build web pages and host them. It was overwhelming and I felt like not attending bootcamp.

I decided to at least give it a shot. I took them one at a time. I started by learning about web tokens, followed along a tutorial so I could get familiar with what it does and why. Next was to learn PostgreSQL, and it being an SQL type meant it used tables and columns — which wasn’t a problem because Sequelize came through. I had about 5 more days to build webpages with HTML, CSS and bootstrap.

Knowing I needed to have something to show when bootcamp resumed, I took the pages one a day. I devoted a day to each page — there are about 5 in all. I couldn’t do much, but I had 5 pages to show at bootcamp.

Being in boot camp, I realized a lot of things have changed since my last one. No Facilitator stood in front to give talks, we had to implement a server and api end points in week one. week one. server. week one. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but I wasn’t worried as I had already gotten familiar with ExpressJS.

Here’s how have been able to adapt to these changes;

Having been given the rubrics of the application to be built, it was easy for me to plan my days. The daily stand-ups have been a guide for me, I’ve had to structure my days to learning and completing tasks. I’ve also made a lot of friends, some from the “new modeled” bootcamp, whom I’ve gone to for help on the various tools and tasks.

It is quite easy to play down the importance of adaptability. However, it is one of the key factors that keep us “in the know”. It helps us stay relevant and not crude — “old school”.

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