My Experience in boot camp so far

Today marks the second day of home sessions, and the tasks for today are ; to complete two codelab tasks, create a command line application that consumes a public API(Application Programming Interface)using HTTP client library.

The first tasks were completed early enough to give me time to face my major task of the day, the command line application.

After surfing through the internet, I settled on consuming an api from The API requests for Latitude and Longitude of a location, and returns a JSON type, from which I extracted the Location and Weather report for the day.

I needed the help of fellow boot-campers , Elo and Joel to solve this, I had to travel(yes, travel, though we are in the same city) down to meet Elo, and together we solved our tasks.

I’ve learnt that no body is an island, we will always need help. He had a little idea, while I had almost no idea, and together, we were able to solve the command line application task. Collaboration.

Time to practice for tomorrow’s labs.

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